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Serving as your local fencing and driveway security gate installation contractor / our aim is to provide unparalleled excellence in service and product.

North Georgia Fence Company has served the local community since 2005

The installation of driveway gates and electric gate opener electronics have become a large part of our offering.

We continue to install fencing products like swimming pool fencing, back yard decorative fence, pet fencing, chain link fence, cedar split rail fence, horizontal board fences, and the like.

Please note; we no longer offer large acreage property fencing. Our focus is to do smaller projects – and do them well.

Driveway Gates with Solar and Electric Gate Opener Automation

Here in North Georgia, many of our installs are for country properties. Due to distances from homes to where a driveway enters a property, NGFC has found that a solar powered gate opener is a great solution to keep the cost of a driveway gate with automation manageable.

The reason? It is not necessary to trench and bury electrical wires to a power source – an expensive undertaking if any great distance is involved. But – if electricity is already available close to where the drive gate electronics are to be installed, then it may be better to use the available. If you will require power hungry devices like security cameras and intercom, this is when 120VAC electricity supplied by the power company excels.

Solar Powered Gate Openers

A Solar Powered Gate Opener keeps an onboard battery bank energized using a 10W solar collector panel. No electricity is needed to operate a solar automatic gate thanks to the energy harvested from the sun. If a storm knocks out the electric power grid – a solar gate opener will continue to function regardless! NGFC can confirm the quality construction and long term dependability of the BFT Ecosol Solar Powered Gate Operators. We have hundreds of these units in daily service with no call back issues. They just keep on working!

Electric Driveway Gate Openers

An Electric 120 VAC Powered Gate Opener is equally dependable as Solar. Both systems are identical except the solar has the additional equipment that harvest the sun power. Electric 120VAC systems are in danger of power surge damage caused by various power grid issues. This is why our standard installation of a 120 VAC system includes a high voltage surge suppressor. The surge suppressor protects the electronics from power surges and lightening strikes that can enter the unit through electric power lines.

With a 120 VAC Electric setup, more options become available for communication with the gate and additional security features like CCTV cameras.

For more information about Driveway Gates and Electric or Solar Gate Opener equipment options, look here:


Fencing has always been our main business and we offer many kinds as seen on our home page at North Georgia Fence Co.

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