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Driveway Gate Installation, Warranty, and Repair Service:

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    Driveway Gate Installation

    We install driveway gates and electric motorized driveway gate openers.

    Here's how it works:

    Selecting a driveway gate is a personal thing; only a homeowner can make that decision.

    Many gates on this website are made at our facility and some are locally available.

    Gates found at internet online sources will need to be prepaid and delivered via freight services.

    For this reason, the owner is responsible for locating, purchasing, and arranging gate delivery from online distributors.

    Driveway gates are delivered on large trucks, which cannot always deliver to the residence due to their size. We are happy to meet your delivery, transfer your gate to our truck, and forward it to the job site. Give your supplier my phone number and tell them your installer will accept delivery.

    The information supplied throughout this website should make the gate selection process easy!

    Driveway Gate Ideas:

    Here are some trusted online driveway gate sources:

    Aleko is a company that makes an excellent driveway entry gate with a vast inventory of more than 100 styles. These are excellent high-quality gates and are worth having a look at.

    Several Gate Manufacturing Companies will make a custom gate to your specifications; their information is here.

    As shown throughout this website, we fabricate steel-reinforced wood driveway gates and ornamental decorative metal driveway gates.

    Using this "DESIGN STUDIO" online app is helpful. The Design Studio allows you to build a driveway gate using standard industry options. Build your dream gate and save the design to your computer and submit for production when ready to order.

    Helpful tips and terminology for ordering an ornamental metal drive gate; can be found here.

    Tractor Supply has tubular farm-style gates. These make excellent barrier gates to keep trespassers off your land. If you find something you like at TS, we can pick it up and deliver it for you.

    Before you purchase the driveway gate:

    We should meet at your job site to confirm your drive gate size and placement before you purchase a gate.

    Please call or text to schedule; 706-299-1047

    During the onsite survey, it will be decided whether electricity must be run to the gate or if sufficient sunlight is available for solar-powered equipment.

    Decisions about access control will also be discussed, i.e., numeric keypads and audio/video communication devices.

    When to Purchase the Driveway Gate:

    After we meet, that is the time to purchase the driveway gate.

    What about the electric gate opener equipment?

    Please - do not - purchase driveway gate operator equipment from your gate supplier. Some internet companies that sell gates will sell gate opener equipment. What they sell is not up to the quality standards of the equipment that we install.

    We have installed many brands of driveway gate openers and, through trial and error, have found LiftMaster to be "the best bang for the buck"! Solid construction, quality components, high-end electronics, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support.

    LiftMaster delivers state of the art technology and is a leader in driveway gate automation equipment research and development.

    At, we pride ourselves on our high work standards and the quality and long-term dependability of the gate opener equipment we install.

    Our goal is to provide top-quality, trouble-free products that will last a lifetime!

    Driveway Gate Warranty and Repair Service:

    Having trouble with an existing driveway gate opener? We service and repair all major brands of gate automation equipment.

    Driveway Gate / Where To Buy:

    Please take a look here for reputable sources that sell Ornamental Driveway Gates. In addition, you will find an app where you can DESIGN YOUR OWN GATE.

    As a rural property or farm house owner  I invite you to look at these solutions.

    automatic electric wood driveway gate and brick columns
    Straight Flat Top Driveway Gate
    We make this style in any size.

    Most entry gate designs look great in both residential and rural settings.

    Metal Art and Wildlife Gates

    Custom driveway gates by JDR

    Large Timber Ranch Style

    Driveway Entrance Gates that get attention.



    masonary and gate post placement

    A mason builds masonry columns next to the gate. Ask your builder or contact a landscape stone supply depot to find a reputable mason. North Georgia Fence Co. is happy to work with any mason that the homeowner chooses.

    What you need to know.

    The basics: it is best to set the gate post slightly behind the masonry and not try to incorporate the post directly in the columns. This allows for the masonry to be completed before the gate posts are installed and allows room for the gate motors to have full motion without hitting the column. In addition, it gives the impression of greater depth to the stone columns, as pictured here. This will also work with gates that open outward.

    If your mason has any questions, I will be happy to meet at the job site.


    Service Area Map

    North Georgia Fence Co. We service a 50-mile radius around Talking Rock, GA. Our service area includes Free Home, Ball Ground, Nelson, Tate, Talking Rock, Jasper, Blue Ridge, Morganton, Mineral Bluff, McCaysville, Blairsville, Adairsville, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Milton, Alpharetta, and surrounding communities.

    Sam McCombs
    North Georgia Fence, Gate, Automation


    phone and text: 706-299-1047


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