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North Georgia Fence Co installs driveway gates and automatic electric driveway gate opener equipment.

Here's how it works:

This website offers links to sources to help you find a gate for your driveway. The internet provides many additional choices, and NGFC is here to install any gate you locate.

NGFC builds custom gates that are noted throughout this website.

Simple farm-style tubular gates can be purchased locally, and NGFC will pick up and deliver these gates to the job site.

Because the style of a driveway gate is a personal decision, it must be the owner's responsibility to locate, purchase, and arrange the delivery of a gate. Hopefully, the information supplied here will make the process easy!

Don't hesitate to ask if you need help with the design process or advice on what might work best for your location.

Before you purchase, NGFC will do an onsite survey and measure the gate opening so you will be sure to get the correct size.

During the onsite survey, NGFC and the homeowner can decide if electricity needs to be run to the gate or if sufficient sunlight is available for solar-powered equipment.

Decisions about access control will also be discussed, i.e., audio/video keypad communication devices. 

We have installed many brands of driveway gate openers and, through trial and error, have found BFT Automation Equipment to be "the best bang for the buck"! Solid construction, quality components, high-end electronics, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support.

These systems are built to last.

BFT is an innovative company constantly improving its product line. They truly are dedicated to excellence.

At North GA Fence Co. we pride ourselves on our high work standards and the quality and long-term dependability of the BFT gate opener equipment.

Our goal is to provide a top-quality trouble-free product that will last many, many years!

Where to buy a Driveway Gate:

How to measure, different styles and places to purchase an ornamental metal drive gate can be found here.

Home Depot sells the Aleko brand metal driveway gates. HD's site is a good place to see many different styles and pick up some good design ideas.

Here are several Gate Manufacturing Companies that will make a custom gate to your specifications.

You can design a gate yourself using this simple-to-navigate online app courtesy of Ultra Fence Co / a manufacturer of aluminum gates and fencing.

NGFC fabricates some gates as shown throughout this website.

Tractor Supply has tubular farm-style gates. If you find something you like at TS, NGFC will pick up and deliver these at the time of installation.

Contact me prior to purchasing a gate to confirm installation scheduling and pricing.

We supply the gate opener equipment so please do not purchase any gate opener products while making your gate purchase.

“Many online gate suppliers also sell gate opener equipment, what they sell usually does not meet the quality standard of the BFT equipment we use.”

BFT USA has dependable long-lived trouble-free equipment and outstanding customer support.

Website Structure:

electric driveway gate

Look here for reputable sources that sell Ornamental Driveway Gates. In addition, you will find an app where you can DESIGN YOUR OWN GATE.

solar powered automatic farm gate

As a rural property owner you may rest easier knowing your property is gated and secure. I invite you to look at these solutions.

automatic electric wood driveway gate and brick columns
Straight Flat Top Driveway Gate

Depending on your style, many entry gate designs look great in both residential and rural settings.


masonary and gate post placement

Masonry columns next to the gate are built by a mason. North Georgia Gate is happy to work with any mason that the homeowner chooses. The basics: it is best to set the gate post slightly behind the masonry and not try to incorporate the post directly in the columns. This allows for the masonry to be complete before the gate post are installed and allows room for the gate motors to have full motion without hitting the column. In addition it gives the impression of greater depth to the stone columns, as pictured here. This will also work with gates that open outward.


Service Area Map

North Georgia Gate / Driveway Gate Opener Specialist: professional installation of Driveway Entry Gates and Electric and Solar Gate Openers. We are located in and service a 50 mile radius around Talking Rock, GA. This radius includes Free Home, Ball Ground, Nelson, Tate, Talking Rock, Jasper, Blue Ridge, Morganton, Mineral Bluff, McCaysville, Blairsville, Adairsville, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Milton, Alpharetta, and surrounding communities.

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