About BFT Gate Openers

about BFT driveway gate opener

BFT Gate Openers:

BFT Gate Openers are just one of many components working to ensure the security of your property.

Private home or commercial property, having some kind of security installation is becoming paramount in todays world.

Common security installations that come to mind include CCTV cameras and a home security alarm system.

A wise accompaniment to your security installations is a barrier that prevents people from accessing the property. This is where powered electric automatic remote controlled gate systems come into play.

A Driveway Gate and the accompanying automation is a very important piece of a good home security regime.

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What are BFT Electric Gate Openers?

A BFT gate opener is a gate automation systems produced by BFT Automation. BFT Gate Openers are primarily designed to automate the closing and opening of your gate. This eliminates the need for manual gate operations and can give you precise autonomy over your gate operations.

Optional electric gate opener equipment is available that will allow you to connect your gate control box to the internet and operate your gate from wherever you are using your cell phone or PC, as long as you have access to the internet and necessary app.

Improve the security of your property by adding a few additional security features, such as an intercom, with or without a video camera, to allow you to speak to and see visitors before you grant or deny them access.

Who Makes BFT Gate Openers?

BFT gate openers are made by BFT Automation. This is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality commercial, industrial, and residential access automation equipment – such as gate openers.

Founded in 1981, BFT Automation boasts 20 branches and more than 530 distributors who service over 120 countries across the globe.

BFT gate openers

About BFT Gate Openers

BFT Automation offers a myriad of automatic gate opener options. Being an access automation manufacturer for more than three decades, BFT has both the experience and technical know-how that’s required to design and produce gate openers that offer both satisfaction and reliability.

It’s not all about quality, even though that’s a big part of why North Georgia Fence Company choose’s to use BFT equipment; it’s also about long service life.

The gate openers offered by BFT have been designed to work with a wide variety of gates that come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. These openers also pay close consideration to the fact that they will need to withstand different weather conditions. As a result, BFT has taken great measures to ensure that the mechanics of their gate openers are housed and protected from adverse weather conditions.

BFT gate openers such as BFT Kustos Solar Ultra BT A40 Single Swing Gate Operator Kit are designed to regulate gates that weigh as much as 550 lbs.,

850 lbs. in the case of this BFT Phobos BT A40 Swing Gate Opener Kit.

The motors included in BFT gate openers feature a D-Track function that provides you with reliably safe torque for both opening and closing.

These gates also come with personalized keys that allow for manual release of the gate if needed.

Features of BFT Gate Openers

Even though there are different products across the spectrum, BFT gate openers tend to have a host of features that set them apart from the competition. Here are some of the key features of BFT gate openers that can be found on the market.

  • Cutting edge technology: BFT Automation employs the latest access automation technology to offer technically advanced gate openers that are reliable and in keeping with the times. Some gate openers within the range that can connect to the internet and, as such, can be operated remotely, which offers clients a wonderful convenience.
  • Standardization: Across their automatic gate opener line, BFT uses finishes and structures that are relatively similar. This means that there’s a standardized installation process and product quality that offers their clients confidence and peace of mind.
  • Energy efficiency: BFT gate openers are all designed to operate at a relatively low voltage when compared to other operators on the market today. This not only saves you money in the long run in terms of electric bills, but it also makes them capable of being operated via UPS as well as solar panels.
  • Fast speeds: Most of the gate operators in their range offer fast operating speeds as well as high push force. In some cases, the gates can operate at a speed of 12 meters per minute. This speed is also paired with smooth operation, which makes these gates an excellent addition to your curb appeal.
  • Easy integration: Even though this is highly specific to the gate opener in question, BFT has made it so that you can easily integrate additional security features and accessories such as LCD user interfaces, intercoms, and battery backup systems in case of blackouts. They also come with personalized keys that allow for manual release when necessary.

North Georgia Fence Company is a certified fence and gate installer offering sales, installation, and service for BFT equipment.

Gate Opener Equipment options are explained in detail throughout our website.

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Benefits of having a BFT Gate Opener

Finally, there’s the fact that these gate openers are offered by a reliable brand with an excellent reputation that has been trusted for decades. This often translates to high-quality products and even better customer service. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when dealing with equipment made by BFT Automation. BFT equipment is very dependable and long lived.

BFT gate openers are not just about the brand. These gate automation systems have been proven to provide maximum reliability over the years. They are also quite cost-effective and offer full access automation. BFT updates its products and keeps them current according to the emerging market trends. This is in keeping with the company’s mission to ensure that their gate automation solutions are satisfactory and in step with the demands of their customers.

Phobos BT A40 Swing Gate Opener Kit by BFT For Swing Gates Up To 17 feet & Up to 850 lbs.

The BFT Phobos opener is an electromechanical operator 24 VDC. This gate opener comes with a magnetic limit switch and pin. The magnetic limit switch system ensures maximum precision of movement and quick and easy adjustment. On the other hand, the magnetic pin is an exclusive feature of BFT operators enabling quicker installation steps, making them easier, and always ensuring correct rear locking of the operator.


  • 1 Phobos BT A40 Single Kit R93524500011
    • Primary Gate Motor
    • Wired Photocell
    • 2 Mitto Remote Controls
    • 6ft. Cable
  • Thalia Board QSG 120V D113745 00001
  • QB Wireless Keypad – 10 Channels/100 Codes P121024


  • Designed For Swing Gates
  • Standard 20 Second Open/Close Time
  • For Residential Or Commercial Applications
  • D-Track System Serves Enhanced Functionality
  • High-Quality Safety Devices Included
  • Photocell Has A Reliable 32 ft Sensing Range
  • Transmitter Can Be Added To A Key Ring Or Car Visor
  • Single Operator For Gates Up To 850 lbs And 17 ft Long
  • Rolling Code Technology Prevents Transmitter Cloning
  • Kit Contains All Components For Functioning Gate System


  • Control unit: Thalia
  • Board power supply: 110 VAC
  • Operator type: 24 V
  • Power input: 40 W
  • Useful rod stroke: 15.74 inch
  • Maximum angle: 124 °
  • Cycle time: 20 s
  • Type of limit switch: Magnetic
  • Slowdown: Yes
  • Locking: Mechanical
  • Release: Personal Key
  • Impact reaction: D-Track
  • Frequency of use: Intensive
  • Protection rating: IPX4
  • Environmental conditions: from -4 °F to 131 °F
  • U-Link: No / can be added with plug and play circuit board module.
BFT Kustos Solar Ultra BT A40 Sinle Swing Gate Operator Kit

The BFT Kustos Solar Ultra BT A40 linear drive operator is a premium motor for swing gates up to 16 feet and 550 Lbs which are mounted to posts.

The advantage of the system is the completely covered screw drive with magnetic stops in the same enclosed housing. This ensures maximum protection against external agents (water, dust, dirt, etc.) as well as a total protection for people, preventing any type of access to the moving parts.


  • 1 BFT Kustos 24V Ultra BT UL Linear Drive Operator 
  • 1 12”x14” Solar Prewired Enclosure with Thalia Control Board 
  • 2-9AH Batteries 
  • 1 10W ECOSOL Solar Panel N999471 & 15’ Cable 
  • 2 Mitto rolling code transmitters 
  • 1 Pair FL130B Trans/Rec Photocell 
  • 1 Adjustable post bracket 
  • 1 Gate bracket and release key 
  • 6′ 16/3 Wire 


  • Magnetic limits for easy installation and adjustment
  • Enclosed screw drive for protection and built in positive stop
  • Excellent solution for heavy duty gates in a residential or commercial application
  • BFT Easy Set app (FREE) to help with aligning geometry

BFT’s Wi-Fi Gateway enables you to control your gate opener from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal using your mobile device! Compatible with all BFT gate openers purchased in 2019 or later. Click here to learn more…


  • Board power supply: 115 V 
  • Operator type: Electromechanically operated swing gates 
  • Power supply: 24 V 
  • Power input: 40 W 
  • Useful rod stroke: 14” 
  • Maximum angle: 126° 
  • Cycle time: 17 sec 
  • Type of limit switch: Magnetic 
  • Locking: Mechanical 
  • Release: Yes 
  • Frequency of use: Intensive 
  • Environmental conditions: from -4 °F to 131 °F 
  • Protection rating: IP44 


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