Warranty / Repair Service

Driveway gate opener warranty and repair service for BFT, LiftMaster, and Viking Access Systems.


All driveway gate openers carry a genuine factory warranty, excluding batteries and labor.

The products manufactured by the different brands of automatic gate operators and accessories we install are built to high standards out of the highest quality materials available and have been thoroughly tested to assure you that your product will last for many years.

However, electrical and mechanical devices sometimes fail, and these companies provide outstanding warranties. All products carry a genuine factory warranty, excluding batteries and labor.


The manufacturer's warranty will only cover defective parts.

The manufacturer's warranty will not cover the labor cost to dispatch a technician for a service call.




1. Manufacture Warranty:

The manufacturer warranty only covers defective parts for a limited time.

2. Cost of Labor:

Labor cost is never covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

To dispatch a technician for warranty or repair service, we require a $275.00 payment in advance, payable with a credit card processed through PayPal or money transfer using Venmo.

3. We provide a 90 (ninety) day workmanship warranty:

There is no fee for this service:

To the party named on the contract, our workmanship warranty becomes effective the day the job is completed, provided the contract price has been paid in full. Workmanship warranty does not cover acts of nature, damage by vehicles, vandalism, or any other damage caused by anyone/anything other than workmanship error, that may have occurred at the time of installation.

Surge Protection:

When installing gate electronics, we will install a surge protector to help prevent power grid surges and lightning damage
The surge suppressor should protect the gate operator's electronics in case of a lightning strike or electrical power surge, but there is no guarantee. The surge protector will be sacrificed and need to be replaced if hit.

Since I have started using surge suppression, I have never had to replace a blown suppressor. Interestingly, using a surge suppressor has eliminated all related problems without sacrificing the suppressor. Happiness!

The surge suppressor is not covered under warranty. Replacing a sacrificed surge suppressor will cost $75 for a new suppressor, plus a service call fee.

Solar-powered gate openers do not receive surge suppression protection because they are not hooked up to the electrical power grid and therefore are not subject to electrical surges.


A prepaid $275.00 fee per service call is charged to the owner.

The prepaid service will include the following:

1. Trouble Shooting:

Diagnostic troubleshooting of the electronic gate opener.

2. Labor:

One hours labor (each additional hour at $75.00 each). Most repairs can be completed within the first hour.

3. Parts

Parts that are covered under a manufacturer-limited warranty. ( If the warranty has expired, replacement parts will be charged to the owner in addition to the service call fee).

The manufacturer warranty does not pay a installer to make service calls.

We must charge for service calls to stay in operation.

In case of a system failure, we will try to repair the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sam McCombs - Owner / Operator

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