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Hi, I'm Sam McCombs - owner and operator - I do the telephoning, estimating, scheduling, and installations. Use the following contact information to communicate and know that I prefer text or email.

Having a written text or email helps keep track of individual customer details.

To assure my customer a quality build requires my constant attendance on the job site daily running my crew. The work we do is difficult and dangerous, meaning we must focus on the task at hand, without distraction, so. . .

I rarely answer the phone. Never while driving. Never while on the job working with my crew.

Unfortunately for anyone needing immediate attention, I am almost always working or driving.

The best way to contact me is via text or email, I check this several times daily.

A brief description of your project and location information included in your correspondence will be very helpful.

Having this information prior to a return call will allow me to consult my calendar and prepare myself to better serve you.

Thank you for your understanding.
Sam McCombs


Phone or Text 706-299-1047

Text, voicemail, or email are the best ways to reach me. I will reply as soon as possible.

When communicating, please provide a brief description and the location of your project in your correspondence or voice mail.

...or if you have a good idea of what you are looking for;

Send me a email or text with as much detail that you have describing your project.

Do you have an existing installed gate? If yes, send a picture of the gate showing the post and hinge connection and if an old gate opener is there, include a picture of the  connection of gate and opener.  

Is electricity available at the gate?

Do you want solar power? Is there at least 6 hours of direct sunlight at the gate location?

Is this a new gate installation? If yes, picture of the area where the gate is to be installed is helpful.

With this information I can send you a rough price for budgetary purposes and if the numbers sound good to you, I will follow up with an onsite estimate to confirm details and price.

This will save me travel time and expense plus expedite the entire installation process.

Thank you,

I look forward to working with you on your new gate project!

Sam McCombs
Driveway Gate Opener and Automation Installation

Voice Mail, Phone, Text  706-299-1047


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