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Ornamental Estate Driveway Gate and Automation

This page is here to assist you with finding a Residential style decorative ornamental driveway gate.

Farm gates and simple barrier gates can be found on the Rural Driveway Gate page.

Versai Residential Driveway Gate:

VERSAI driveway gate

The Versai Residential Driveway Gate pictured above is a great seller because of price and looks.  Very affordable at $2500: includes the gate, two 4x4 steel post with caps, and hinges. Automation and installation cost are extra.

I show the Versai first because it is available locally and can be picked up directly from my supplier which eliminates the delivery time and cost associated with some of the other sources shown below.

Farther down this page are several links to driveway gate fabricators that I have used successfully, fast shipping and great customer service. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Below are a few pointers to help define some of terms associated with drive gates if ordering a custom gate from one of the sources listed below.

Arched gate can be purchased with a flat top or with "pressed spears" extending above the top rail.


Dual Arched Driveway Gates are measured for the height of each end of one of the pair of gate panels.

The total width is the sum of both the left and right gate panels.

The short end next to the post - the tall end at the middle - and the total width of both panels.

Dual arched driveway gates are available as 4‘ x 5’ , 5' x 6' and  6’ x 7‘ heights, in widths from 12 ft. to 24 ft.

Dual and Single Driveway Gates are also available in a "Straight" Flat Top or Straight Extended Top version - as seen below.

Straight Flat Top Drive Gate
Straight Flat Top Drive Gate

Notice the 2 inch square tube steel frame along the sides and bottom of this gate - this U Frame style produces a very strong durable and handsome gate.

The straight flat top driveway gate pictured above is one that we keep in stock and is available in heights 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft., and in widths anywhere from 8 ft. to 20 ft. Price for dual swing drive gate, post, caps, hinges . . $2400.00 - $2800.00. Installation and automation not included.


The Versai residential drive gates made by Fortress Building Products, pictured above, are competitively priced (around $3000.00 for a double gate, two post, hinges) and are in stock and ready for immediate installation. For more information on these products- here is the Versai link.

Installation with local delivery for a gate only, without automation - cost $600 - plus the cost of the gate.

Gate opener equipment and equipment installation cost are extra and are dependent on the gate opener options that you choose.

straight flat top driveway gate
Single Panel Straight Flat Top Driveway Gate

Here is an single panel aluminum gate from the Jerith Fence Co. It is shown here as an example of a single swing gate made with larger components. Aluminum is not as strong as steel so the components that make up the gate are larger for added strength. The price for this gate kit is $2500.00.

A single panel gate like this is less expensive to add a gate opening system to because only one motor, instead of two, is required.

One good source for driveway estate gates are big box stores like LOWE'S and HOME DEPOT with over 100 different styles to choose from:

It is well worth having a look.. Here is a link to that information.

North Georgia Gate Co has installed many of the ALEKO driveway gates purchased from Home Depot, they are excellent, well made, solidly constructed quality gates.

In addition to the big box store selection, many internet based companies fabricate and ship driveway gates anywhere in the USA. I have listed many sources below.

We are happy to install and add automation to any gate you purchase.

Here is a list of a few internet based companies I have had smooth transactions with:

ideal gate company

Ideal Custom Gate Company

They specialize in Aluminum Fabrication and have a great easy to use website.


Alumi-Guard Aluminum Estate Gates

Another place to look for custom or stock driveway gates

Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast Gate

The lady for whom I installed this company's gate said; "Gulf Coast Gate was very easy to work with and they delivered the gate to her within two weeks time". 

Amazing Gates
Amazing Gates

Amazing Gates

All powder coated steel post and gates. Custom build or pick from stock items. Fast delivery.

iFence USA
IFence Gate Design App

 i-FenceUSA in South Carolina

Website design tool does not work on a cell phone.

Use this website tool to create your own personalized custom ornamental aluminum drive gate. Choose from many decorative and structural options and see the changes in real time. When finished, submit a request for a price right from the app.

modified gate finials
Quad Flare Finials
Pressed Spear

Extended top gates can have factory "pressed spears" or more decorative optional finials. Pictured here with the "quad flare" finial, two additional options are available; the "triad" and the "fleur de lis". Also available in gold color.

Fleur de lis
triad fiial
quad- flare
Quad Flare

I am oft asked the difference between Aluminum and Steel ornamental fencing and gates.

The two samples below show fencing that has been exposed to the elements for about 10 years. The Aluminum shows only slight discoloration where the picket holes were punched through the rail, while the Steel shows rust, oxidation, and peeling paint at the holes - and where the post enters the ground.

Aluminum is not as strong as steel, that is why aluminum fence panels are only 6 ft. wide instead of 8 ft. like steel. This shorter length prevents sagging between post.

To compensate, aluminum gates are fabricated using larger components to create a good strong gate. Aluminum is also lighter than steel which is useful for very large heavy gates (over 500 lbs. - very rare) that will have gate openers installed. Weight is not really important for most 16 ft. or smaller gates. 

Steel is stronger, aluminum last longer. Aluminum cost more.

No Rust On Aluminum
Rust On Steel

Many of our customers like the rustic "board fence" style fencing with complimentary matching wood gates

If your interest is in farm style rural driveway gates, look at our solutions here.

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